Who we are

IN DRAFT, we are a general contracting company that for 15 years have specialize in renovations, completions and ambience of residential spaces, condominiums, shops and offices ..
IN DRAFT (Irossflooring inc. FL11BS00049) is ranked within the top % 5 of the best contractors in the state of Florida as the BuildZoom, the entity that controls the development of the activity log.
We offer a complete service ranging from consulting and project development to the management and execution of work, always with the firm intention to put all our experience, customer service, thus achieving optimization of budgetary resources to the maximum.

We have a team of professionals who interpret and adapt the project to the needs of each client, always giving the best solution with the philosophy of commitment, reliability, efficiency and professionalism in everything we do.
After verifying the viability of each project area, according to pre-established budget and taking full compliance and approval of our client, we keep communication sending weekly reports informing the progress of work, thus achieving better control over the investment being made and with the reassurance that the quality of the final work will be agreed.